Find the right licence for your project

Choose the licence type that best meets your needs.
All stock footage comes with a standard licence and is available online. For extended licences please contact us.

This table is not a substitute for the Fotoeire licence agreement.

Permitted uses

Editorial footage

Use in editorial digital media, including:
  • Blogs, websites, videos
  • Broadcasts
  • Social media sites
  • Mobile apps
  • Software applications
Or other uses that inform or educate about issues that are newsworthy or of general interest.

Use in any commercial or promotional manner including:

  • To endorse a product or service
  • For advertising
  • For business promotions
  • For product packaging
Editorial images do not come with release so they cannot be used for commercial purposes, including uses that endorse or promote a particular product or cause.

Standard licence


Extended licence


Not allowed with any licence type.

Using a video clip in connection with on-demand products including products where a third party selects a video clip to be displayed on a product
Using a video clip in connection with an unflattering or controversial subject

(Requires a disclaimer statement that: (1) licenced material is being used for illustrative purposes only, and (2) any person depicted in the licenced material is a model)
Using a video clip in pornographic, defamatory or otherwise unlawful use
Enabling third parties to download, extract or access video clips as a separate file
Using a video clip in a logo, corporate ID, trademark or service mark
Sharing a username or password
Designating another individual user to download video clips on behalf of multiple users (Seat licences must be purchased for each individual user)